Holistic Cleaning & Detoxification

We believe there is no greater gift that you can give yourself than the gift of health, energy and vitality. Your health profoundly impacts everything you think, do, enjoy, create and experience. The result is that you will not only feel better and experience greater energy, but you will help to restore the body to its beautiful natural state of balance.

Our mission is to be a compassionate partner that empowers, supports and inspires our clients to take responsibility for their health by providing effective wellness solutions so that they can achieve the life of their dreams.

By taking time to thoroughly cleanse our bodies with Colonic Irrigation, Colonic Hydrotherapy and the right nutritional support, we are able to break poor food habits that lead to an acidic lifestyle.

Yours in Health,

Sia Kanellopoulos

Practitioner/Director- Purity BodyMindSoul


“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.”

Jim Rohn


Three Reasons to Cleanse at least once a Year!

Thousands of years, countless cultures and spiritual traditions have relied on rituals of cleansing and detoxification to purify body, mind and spirit, but with the advent of food production as big business our current culture has completely abandoned these simple practices. Now a growing number of conscious leaders and holistic health practitioners have begun to study the destructive effects of our poor quality food and soil. They also speak out about the excessive eating habits of our industrialized society and advocate our return to these simple cleansing rituals.

It’s time to turn back to Mother Earth and to synch our heart beats together as one. I believe that everyone can benefit from a cleanse at least once in their life!

If you have any of these symptoms: skin breakouts, frequent colds, allergies, muddled thinking, weight gain, exhaustion, constipation or difficulty digesting food, a body cleanse can especially benefit you. Or if you are tired of being dependent on sugar or caffeine to energize you and you want to tap into the infinite power source of your Soul then you’re ready for a cleanse!

Here are my favorite reasons for cleansing:


  1. A cleanse can be a profound turning point in your relationship with food (it was for me). When you break from foods that you know do not support you for a period of time, it can loosen their negative grip on you. This results in feeling more powerful and confident in your body. You can let go of unhealthy food cravings and bad habits and never crave them again. I know this is true because every time I cleanse I have intense cravings for particular foods. For example, during one of my first cleanses, I had been eating processed protein bars every day. During the cleanse I stopped eating them. I craved them like crazy, then once the cleanse was over I had one and was disgusted by the artificial-ness of it. Taking a break from unhealthy food you know doesn’t support your body and spirit can break you free from the power of unhealthy habits and cravings and give you the confidence and trust in your body to not eat them any more.
  2. Cleansing can add years to your life by restoring your internal organs and moving toxins out of your body. The time you spend cleansing will rest your digestive system so that your liver, kidneys and lymphatic system can move the toxins and accumulated waste out of your body. This process enables the body to rid itself of excess weight, prevent disease and bring overall balance to the body.
  3. My favorite part about cleansing is the spiritual awakening that may occur in the absence of using food to stuff our emotions or habitual food cravings we can be present to our Spirit and gain total clarity and vision. While breaking from unhealthy and habitual foods the body may have cellular memories of past emotions and experiences. When you rid the body of these old memories and emotions, space for new intentions, dreams and visions is created. It clears the space so that your Spirit can talk to you. While cleansing it’s possible to feel an intense high, unbounded energy, clarity and radiance.

Thanks to Amanda Moxley